Glitch Art, Screen Printing, Mixed Media, Installation, Illustration, and the occasional Black Metal inspired logo Design. Nearing the end of my collegiate experience and daydreaming of a NYC lifestyle.

"There's a fine line between "artist" and "alcoholic", it's more of an implied line, really" -DJ Mango


Hi I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!

Getting weeeeeirrrrd

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Louie: Late Show - Part 3 (2012)

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A limited number (10) of signed and numbered prints are now available for purchase by clicking the button below the images or emailing me here.

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Before his accident, Cyclops was just a mild mannered propane salesman.

I will never not see it again.

Because I’m bored working on thesis stuff and the world must know

X-men king of the hill bwaaah cyclops hank hill lol stupid
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Okay after much deliberation I have decided to sell my Twin Peaks patch. I thought auctioning it off would be the best way to get it to someone who appreciated the work put into it, and is a serious Twin Peaks fan :3

I have added my new Black Lodge patch into the deal. They’re both decent sized patches, and pretty thick with the amount of stitching, plus the wool backing (a la Twin Peaks style).  

You can either reblog this with a price or message me (no anons pls)

I will announce the winner on April 1st 2014.

I put a lot of effort into these and it’s going to take more than 20$ to see them go - I reserve the right to not sell them if the auction doesn’t get high enough. 

You can visit my shop and view my other patches for sale here:

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Buy Rachael’s shit you twats.

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Brand new website! Complete with bio, CV, and everything!

Along with various prints, illustrations, and glitches is W/W/W, the comic I wrote, illustrated, and colored over the summer for Cincy ComicCon. Unfortunately, due to communication troubles with the printing service, the comic was never published in physical form, making this the first time it has been made available to the public in its entirety. As always, adult themes are present.

Now I just need to keep it regularly updated, like I was supposed to do on here but never did. If you enjoy my work, take a look, there’s plenty on there I never got around to posting here.

Thinking of phasing this into a more personal place since nowadays I mostly just reblog things I think are neat.

Cheers to adulthood.

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Alphonse Mucha, The Lady of the Camellias, 1896 (via)

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